April 24


It was a disappointing evening at the 52+ auction. There were 2 decks that I had set my eyes on and I was outbid on both. The McKinsey Insert Transformation deck went for $ 1611, way over my head, and I didn't think the Greenspade deck was worth more than $ 750 to me, so that went for $ 800. Oh well. To deal with disappointment some people start stuffing their face, but my tummy is already a bit out of proportion. So just looking at sweet delights will have to do. And this deck brings back a comforting memory too.
This deck will always remind me how it changed one of our days during a 5-day visit to Paris in June 2010. In the morning there was still a drizzling rain, so we went to visit the big department stores to shop around. In the Lafayette we strolled around in the household section and came across this deck in a window of the Ladurée stand. It was only on display there, but could be bought in the main Ladurée shop in the Rue Bonaparte. So we had another goal that day. When we came out of the Lafayette store and set down on a terrace for drinks, the rain stopped and by the time that we got to the Ladurée shop the sun was out in full. So after purchasing the deck and some of their famous macaroons, we went across the street and had a great outdoor lunch in the sun.
The "Les Secrets Ladurée" deck was printed by Boéchat Frères and published by Dusserre for the Ladurée company in 2010. It's a luxury deck with solid gold edges. Sadly the artist of the delightful courts and jokers is unknown.