April 21


Putting yesterday's deck back into the holder I noticed this deck. I thought that it was already on the DXPO site, but when I checked that, it turned out that its predecessor from c1870 was shown as Deck of the Month in December 2016 and only a few cards from this deck were shown for comparison. See: deck-month-16 and press 12.
So today all the courts and aces of the Swiss souvenir deck as it was published as Regional Costumes by Müller around 1890. Printed in colour lithography, but there are a few other differences with the edition of c1870 too. Most apparent are the background scenes on the courts. The back design is also different. Was it a generic type around 1870, in this deck each card shows a scene of a Swiss city or town...... a different one. Purists will probably say that you can't play a fair game with these cards, because one could recognize the suit&values by remembering the scenes on the backs. Strictly speaking they are right, but that requires an extremely good memory and vision. Each court shows citizens of a city or town in local dress, different at each end. In the corner there's the regional shield. The aces show the same views as in the deck from around 1870. Slightly different of course, but the main difference is on the AS, where there are railroad tracks and a train in the scene now.