April 12


Tomorrow we'll hear the verdict of the government about opening the terraces. Maybe on the 21st, but more likely on the 28th. So either another 9 days or 16 days to go with this second Lockdown Series.
I thought that I had already shown this deck in the previous Lockdown Series last year, but when I checked this on my site it wasn't there. Neither was the later German almost exact copy of the pattern by Thieme Nachfolger from Leipzig. The original deck was printed by the Imperial Printing Plant from St. Petersburg since the 1860's until 1917. The pattern is known as "Glazet". The courts are lithographically printed, but with a lot of gold printed details. Probably published as a luxury deck, opposite to the cheaper Atlas (Satin) pattern, which was also published since the 1860's. It's hard to put a date on this Glazet deck, but probably from the 1880's.