March 31


On the last day of the month I always work on the monthly update of the DXPO site. Each month at least a new Deck of the Month and a new Joker of the Month are presented there and if there's time also an addition to or a complete new xpo. But this lockdown series keeps me busy enough.
Today a deck I had to look up some info from a deck, related to the Deck of the Month, and now that I have it on my desk, I might just as well show it here. It's the re-edition of the "Les Quatre Saisons" deck, which was designed by Jean Picart Le Doux and republished in 1983 by Grimaud as a tribute to the artist, who had died the year before. The original deck was published in 1964. I still remember that we found the deck during a vacation in France in 1998. We saw it in the window of a shop in a small village in the south of France, just before having lunch. The shop was closed for lunch, in France that means for about 2 hours. So we had ample time to finish our lunch as well before picking up the deck. Jean Picart Le Doux was a painter and a creator of tapestries. He was born in Paris in 1902 and died in Venice in 1982.