March 25


Yesterday I added the post as a page in the Lockdown2 folder and I discovered that it was the 100th page. So today deck nr. 101 in this series and the signs for lifting the lockdown soon are not that positive here in the Netherlands. I'm afraid that you'll have to put up with my posts for at least another fortnight.
For today I've chosen a Swedish deck. It was made by Oberg for the Tempo chain of stores and published only in those stores as "Prima Spelkort" from 1942 until 1960. Only the name of Tempo was on the box, the manufacturer's name isn't mentioned. The manufacturer's stamp on the AH was in use from 1872 until 1960, so it doesn't help to narrow down the publication date of this deck. The deck comes with 2 similar jokers.

Ali Jerremalm:
The stamp "MANUFAKTURSTAMPEL" (plus the name of the city where the tax was paid, and most often where the deck was also produced) is not, despite the name, a manufacturer's stamp but a tax stamp. The manufacturer could have their name separately printed (or more rare, stamped) on the card.
I never saw the name Tempo on the box. Everything was very discreet with this deck, because the paper merchants were the ordinary and main distributors of Oberg's cards.
The deck and its box was anonymous, except for the tax stamp, from which you could see that it most likely was manufactured in Eskiltuna. But by whom?