March 23


Miriam swapped this deck for a tin with a Coca Cola Polar Bear pack in 1999, but we never understood why Eddie Schuiling, who was an avid Dutch collector of Scandinavian playing cards, would want that particular deck. We were happy with the swap. The designs of the courts were done in an attractive style, the deck was complete with a joker that we hadn't seen yet and the info about date and the maker was on the JC: Aktieselskabet Emil Jensen - Kobenhavn - 1949. Sadly there was no box. I found all this on Miriam's file card of this deck.
However, ever since we have Ali's catalogue I always check to see which information about a deck he has. So I did this this evening. Ali's information came as a surprise: "EJKA No. 421 - Emil Jensen/EJKA: Warburgs Skandinaviske Bridgekort No 421. Printed in Denmark, 1944. Jensen 10-03". Now that I have Frank Jensen's catalogue, I checked this info and took a magnifying glass to the image of the JC and yes, there was 1944 as date after the name. So there must have been two editions with an interval of 5 years. Even though the pictures in Ali's catalogue are smaller than Jensen's I took the magnifying glass to the JC there too. It's hard to read, but there the JC also has 1949 as year. So definitely 2 editions have been made. EJKA stands for Emil Jensen Kobenhavn Aktieselskabet.