March 19


Sometimes I buy a deck to improve the quality. Ten days ago I went to visit a fellow collector to pick up this deck and today I finally switched the courts in the existing plastic sheet. The 52+j deck hasn't been played and the box is in pristine condition. Much better than the used 32 cards deck without box that we had. That one will be on eBay soon. But now that the new deck was at hand, why not make it today's lockdown deck.
The deck was lithographically printed in 6 colours by Dondorf and published in 1926 as "Neue Klubkarte"(New Club cards). Apparently created as a successor of the Dondorf Club cards, which pattern had been in production since around 1860 and may have been considered old-fashioned after all these years. A simplified, more modern looking design was chosen. The tax stamp on the AH was in use between 1923 and 1929. It reflects the effects of the hyper inflation in Germany during those years: there's no tax amount mentioned.  I usually don't do this here, but today I've also added a picture of the box. I love it when a box looks like it was made yesterday.