Februari 15


I was looking for another deck by this maker, when I came across this one first. Completely different in design than what I was looking for, but this deck looks a bit like the merry Piatnik decks. But today's lockdown deck was printed by the Bielefelder Spielkarten-Fabrik from Bielefeld, Germany, and published as "Rokoko" in 1949. Later known as Rokoko I, as a second deck was published as Rokoko a few years later. Smiling queens, playful jacks and only one king who looks angry enough to actually use his sword. The KC only looks annoyed, as if chasing a fly with a newspaper. The 52 card deck comes with 3 jokers, of which 2 have the same design. It was also published in a Patience version.
The courts have a full double image, but there's one interesting detail: the chessboard on the JH, almost Escher-like!