Februari 11


It's exactly two years ago that I lost my Miriam. She was in fact the founder of the collection when she bought Grimaud's "1900" deck during a stay in Paris in 1995, just because she liked the designs. The next year we returned to Paris, which was always the starting point for a vacation in France, and among others we bought this deck there. She has, just like me, always been fond of cats and we have had many over the years. I still share the house with 2 cats. So for today, in memory of Miriam and as a tribute to cats......"Atout Chats".
The deck was printed and published by Heron (Boéchat Frères) around 1990 and the wonderful designs in watercolor on the courts and aces were done by Bernard Vercruyce. On the jokers there are two of his oil paintings. Set within Art Deco like shapes there are cats in Paris, Venice, Amsterdam and ancient Egypt, but also bar cats and cats in wonder of the flora and fauna around them. And all that done in fine detailed, convincing portraits of these somewhat enigmatic creatures.