Januari 31


An “old-school” deck again for today. Printed in chromolithography by the Pelikorttikonttoret from Helsinki, Finland, and published around 1910. It’s known as the Princely deck and was first published about 10 years earlier without indices. The indices on the courts in this deck are numbers, which is not uncommon for Finnish decks. King is 13, Queen 12 and Jack 11, as if the numbering didn’t stop after the 10’s. There’s a Finnish tax stamp (with crown) on the AD. The tax stamp as well as the manufacturer's stamp have text in Swedish and in Finnish.

Ali Jerremalm:
An interesting deck! The alternative to numbers was to have two indices, in Finnish and Swedish. The deck was copied by Skånska Lithografiska AB.
The publisher was F Tilgman Oy. Spelkortskontoret was a cooperation between the makers in Finland to avoid competition from abroad.