Januari 21


A modern deck this time, although 60 years old. So modern that the courts have been left faceless. But it's a cheerful and colourful deck. The deck was published as an advertising deck for Ducretet Thomson, a French company with a long history of producing phonographs, radio's and later televisions. No idea who printed it. Any suggestions?
I found the deck on the French eBay years ago and it came without a box and with only 1 joker. I think that there should 2 of them. But the joker is signed by the artist. It's probably J.C. Mutter, but I like to read it as Muller, for obvious reasons.
The aces are plain, except for the AS. That's a bit odd for a French deck, where usually only the AC is decorated.

Gustavo Orlando Zon:
This deck was printed in 1961, by J. Desjardin Editeur, typography in Paris. There are two identical jokers. My deck too is without box.