Januari 1, 2021


Today's deck in this second Lockdown Series comes from Latvia. It was printed by the Latvijas Vertspapiru Viestuve from Riga, which is in German descriptions called Wert Papier Druck. The deck was designed by Professor Rhihards Zarnis and first published in 1921. Although that date is supported by the early offset printing technique of this deck, I'm not sure about the date of this deck. It may be of somewhat later date too. And as it turns out the date should be changed to 1941 (see remarks below).
The deck came with a partial original wrapper. which probably translates as Card Deck No. 10. The deck consists of  36 cards (courts, aces and pips 10 - 6). Aces with shields and light weaponry seem to refer to battles with different enemies.

Laherte Guerra:
Organizacija "Tautas palidziba" (People's aid) was created in 1941 and worked until the end of the German occupation in 1945.

Radoslaw Repa:
this can be also seen in the used currency, there is RM (Reichsmark), in Latvia the currency were used from 1941 to 1945