December 24


In the pre-1950 group I saw some very nice antique advertising decks. Todayís lockdown deck isnít antique, but can surely be called vintage. And itís one of my favourite advertising decks.
The deck was printed by Draeger in the early 1950ís and advertises Marie Brizard & Roger. Different drinks are presented on the courts and Marie Brizardís portrait is on the aces and the QC. She was born in Bordeaux in 1714 and when she had cared for an ill West Indian sailor he gave her the recipe of an aniseed alcoholic drink in 1755. She began the company together with her nephew Jean-Baptiste Roger in that same year. He died in 1795 and Marie in 1801, but the company remained in the family and the name was never changed.
The colourful and joyful designs by Antoine De Roux are set against a gray background, which brings out the colours even more. The deck consists of 52 cards, 1 joker, 1 extra cards and 2 blank cards.