April 5



This time only 2 different variations of the same pattern by the same maker, Joseph Glanz from Vienna, Austria. 
The deck with the square corners is the oldest version. The AH is dated 1863 and that is consistent with the tax stamp on that same ace. It was in use from 1858 - 1877.
The second deck is from a much later date. According to Peter Endebrock's site that tax stamp was in use between 1900 and 1920, so the deck was probably published not long after 1900. Both decks are small sized, lithographically printed and stencil coloured. The oldest measures 42 x 72 mm. and the other 44 x 74 mm. Remarkable is the absence of facial hair on the kings and jacks. With these faces it almost seems as if it was made as a childrens deck, but with young adults, age 15 or so. In the second, more detailed version they seem to have grown up some more.
Also note the changed address on the JD.