April 4



Daveluy was a well known printer from Bruges, Belgium. The company printed all kinds of paper ware and was famous for it's "porcelain cards". This technique was also used for some of the playing cards that Daveluy has produced.
One of the most produced decks has the Moyen Age (Middle Ages) design on the courts. It was produced from around 1850 to 1885 and during that time small changes have been made, in the courtly figures, but also in the background of each court.
Here are examples of the 4 different Moyen Age decks that I have. The first deck is the oldest one, probably from the 1850's. The first two are done on porcelain card. The last one was made by the successor of Daveluy, the Geuens Seaux company, active in Bruges between 1895 and 1901.
Note the incorrect French "Cartes Breveté" on the AS, which was corrected to Cartes Brevetées in the later editions.