June 2



So…….. now the very last lockdown deck.
This morning I lost out on a lot of 18 cards with the original wrapper for this deck. Because I have the deck, I was only interested to reunite my deck with its wrapper, but apparently my € 71.58 bid wasn’t enough and there was one bidder who wanted it even more. Well, it was on my desk now anyway, so…..
Printed by G. Geuens – Willaert from Bruges, Belgium, and published as Whist 950 for the Paris World Exposition in 1900. Aces with Parisian scenes, of course. And I’ve added a picture of the interesting wrapper from eBay.


So this was the last lockdown deck, but......
f you’re a member of the Kings, Queens and Jacks group or a visitor who is not familiar with the Deck of the Month xpo on my site, I can advise you to go to this xpo each day and take a look at one deck at a time there. Working backwards from 5/2020 to 4/2007 you’ll get to see the most interesting decks first. There’s a total of 158 decks (antique, vintage and modern) on exposition there, so at the one-a-day-pace it should keep you busy for about 5 months. Just bookmark this link in your favorites: http://www.dxpo-playingcards.com/xpo/deck-month/pages/deck-month-00.htm