May 24



A lazy Sunday afternoon, so an early contribution in the lockdown series. A luxury pattern, deposited by Daveluy from Bruges, Belgium, in 1868 and in production until about 1885. The pattern is seen with different sets of aces, plain and different scenic ones, with views of the Dutch East Indies or views of Antwerp. This deck has a set of scenic aces too, but the scenes are not described. I don't recognize them as views of Antwerp, but maybe Luc Biebouw can identify these views.
And I'll end here with some good/bad news. The good news (for me) is that I was able to make dinner reservations for me and a friend on June 2nd. The bad news (for you) is that, as announced a while back, this series of lockdown decks will end at that date then too.
But no worries yet: after this one there are still 9 more to come.

Johan Jacobs:
"De azen in dit spel tonen stadsgezichten van Oostende. Dit spel met dezelfde hofkaarten bestaat ook met stadsgezichten van Antwerpen." (The aces show city views of Oostende. This deck with the same courts also exists with views of Antwerp). See last image.