May 12



Philibert's Musketeers deck is much sought after, but not so hard to find. Thousands must have been made. I don't know if that was the case with today's lockdown deck. It took us years to find these musketeers.
The deck was published by Editions Fox Kruger et Cie. from Paris around 1960. I don't know who printed it, could be Heron. Classic designed courts, with the 4 musketeers as jacks. Plain aces, but 2 rarely seen jokers.

Pascal Pette:
Les Edition Fox-Kruger & Cie ont également produit un portrait d'Aluette, un portrait Catalan et un portrait français. Les impressions sont souvent de mauvaise qualité. L'encre déteint... (The Editions Fox-Kruger & Cie have also produced an Aluette pattern, a Spanish pattern and a French pattern. The printing is often of poor quality. The ink leaves staines...).