May 9



I donít take requests, but Laherte Guerra brought a deck to my attention, that was in a holder that I hadnít browsed through yet and that might have been overseen completely, although the deck is more than worth to show it. So, time to get it out as todayís contribution in my lockdown series.
The deck was printed by F.X. Schmid from Munich, Germany, and published by the Essberger shipping line in 1939. Probably for their 15th anniversary, as John T. Essberger had founded the company in 1924. The wonderful designs were done by Professor Helms.

The deck is more often seen in a 32 cards version than in this 55 cards version, with 2 jokers and an extra, elaborate designed AS (besides the 4 regular plain aces).
Of course Laherteís remark about the jacks (May 7) was intriguing enough to take a special look at them. I can see where the eBay sellerís description came from, but had ever looked at them like that.

Laherte Guerra: Kings and queens go for Polynesia, Europe, Japan and India.
Robert Kissel:
And, please note, the same lusty sailor is the Jack in all four suits--with a sea deity and beautiful lady from the four corners of the earth.