April 26



Many of you know my personal dislike of the standard English/International pattern, but I've always liked what I call the "anomalies" of the pattern. So today's lockdown deck is a nice example of that. It's a fortune telling deck, with an interesting design too. The portraits of the pattern are set within a frame of their suit sign, with an occasional overlap. We bought it in April 2000 on eBay, the American eBay was still the only one at that time. There was no information in the item description nor a box present.
So I don't know anything about this deck. We had put it our Canada folder and had dated it as c1930, but the latter was only based on the fact that the back design looks like a early type of Mickey Mouse. The deck was probably produced in the French speaking part of Canada, as on all the cards the top row of the text is in French. So if there's any collector who has more information about this deck, please step forward and share it.