April 24



I don't think I've presented a 21st century deck yet in this lockdown series. And there are a good number of those in our collection too. So for today a modern Spanish deck, with Spanish suits and ranking. One with graphics that I've always liked. The deck was published in a numbered edition of 2600 decks in 2003. It was printed by Fournier and the reason for this publication was the opening of a new playing card museum: the Museo del Naipe in Oropesa del Mar. The deck was designed by Marino Fernandez and some of the illustrations were used on the website of the museum. I assume that it's because of the lockdown in Spain, but the current status of the museum is "temporarily closed". However, to get an impression of this museum: https://www.tripadvisor.nl/Attraction_Review-g1025029-d8545…

José Luiz Pagliari: Just to add information: the design of the deck is by Marino Fernández, but the drawings are by Inocencio Urbina. The layout is by Juan Carlos Ruiz.