April 16



I've decided to keep this series of lockdown decks going until the first time that I can go out and eat in a restaurant again.
So here's today's deck. It's a rare Dutch deck of 32 cards, printed by the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland from Amsterdam and published by the Grand-Theatre in Amsterdam on March 7, 1923. The deck was commissioned by S.A. Mullens, director of the theatre, to commemorate the 50th performance of "Harte....Troef", a theatre play in 3 acts. The stage scenes of each act and a portrait of the theatre director are on the aces. The actors of the theatre group are on the courts, of which Louis de Bree (KH) was the leader. The designs were done by Ben Kok.
The deck is extremely rare to find, as only 711 copies were made.