(size: 37 by 55 mm.)


The first edition of the deck was made in 1908 (Braun, vol.4, 1908/1). It was published until 1933 as "Kleine Patience-Karte" or "Patiencekarten mit Kindergesichtern (Children faces)". The deck was printed in chromolithography. It was meant as a modernized version of the Patience No. 25 deck.



The Kings have lost their beards, but the Queens wear crowns in this deck and are dressed like princesses. The Jacks are not playing anymore either. They are depicted as responsible young men: their attributes don't suggest playing, but rather a (modest) task at the King's court. The joker even looks a bid sad at his joker staff.

The deck has also been published with English indices (K, Qn, J), apparently made for export to England or other English speaking countries. Another version exists without indices. This one was probably also used for export. The designs of the courts and lay-out is otherwise exactly the same on both these versions.


INTRO   or  DECK 4