The design of this deck is not interesting at all and normally we wouldn't have this deck in our collection. It's not the topic either, that made us keep it. It was the person who gave us the deck and the memory of a delightful, after midnight one-on-one lecture about the London liveries and livery men, of course accompanied by a bottle a good wine. This took place in Paris, during the 2006 IPCS convention there, and the magnificent lecturer was Graham Living. Being a livery man himself and a former master of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, he was an expert in this field. At the end of our pleasant talk, Graham presented me a pack of these cards. Sadly Graham passed away a few years later, but we had kept the deck as a souvenir of a delightful night and now we also remember Graham every time that we spot the deck in the showcase.

The deck was printed in England and was published in 2005 by the London Drug Policy Forum, which was funded by the City of London to assist, support and advise policy makers on drugs issues. The production was made possible by the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards. John Card was Master of the company at that time.

We don't show all the cards, but here below are some examples to give an impression of the complete deck......