The new year brought a CT-scan, PET-scan and bronchoscope, but no new decks. So I had to look among the latest acquired decks and had to go all the way back to last September.

I already showed one of these decks here in October 2022 and this is a similar one. Different subject, but cute illustrations on the courts and advertising a chocolate manufacturer on the backs.

In Spanish decks the ace (1) of coins is usually the card which carries the title of the deck in an elaborate design. Here the illustration and the title "cinematografica" already give the subject away. The deck is usually dated as c1930. By that time the era of the so-called "silent movies" had come to an end, as sound was gradually added since 1927 and more and more "talking pictures", then commonly referred to as "talkies", became available. This deck shows actors from the silent movies, ranging from comedies to drama. Older collectors will certainly recognize some of the names.
The deck was printed by Tip. Lit. J.M. Arnau, who was located at Muntaner 66 in Barcelona. The "Barna" in his address is an abbreviation of Barcelona. It was published by Chocolates Jaime Boix, located at Hospital 46, also in Barcelona. Unfortunately the name of the illustrator isn't mentioned anywhere, which is a pity as some of them are truly delightful.

ENJOY....... and don't forget to click the ace of coins to see all the pips with illustrations.



Click this ace to see all the pips

All the aces mention a registration number to protect the copyright.



The deck consists of 40 cards, which is not unusual for Spanish decks.
Each of the backs shows a different still from various silent movies.

Remember that each card was given with a chocolate product and a complete deck had to be gathered by exchanging cards or eating a lot of chocolate. That makes finding a complete deck not very easy.