April 2022



April was the month of the Bargains section. I've opened it on the first and it has kept me busy ever since. Not only with the packaging and sending of packages, but also with scanning and entering new decks.

Some collectors approached me with questions about decks that weren't shown anywhere on my site, nor on offer (yet) in the Bargains. One of them asked for this deck and when I found it I remembered why I had once liked it so much.

So I wanted to scan the courts before having to send it out and while doing that I decided to share the deck here.

The deck has a non-standard design on the courts, but looks familiar enough for players to recognize them quickly. What attracted me were the shaded parts in the faces. They reminded me of woodblock printing, but also gave them more expression. But the shaded parts are also used on the clothing of the lansquenets (jacks). There they create a depth in the design, that is missing in most of the other clothing. On the queens, especially the QH, the clothing is made up of different, colourful but flat looking, designs. It reminded me of the international patterned courts. Except for the KS the kings are draped with ermine. What I liked was that mix of old and new in the designs. It gives the deck a special touch.

The deck was published as "Skat Spielkarte" by the Nürnberger Spielkartenfabrik Heinrich Schwarz & Co. in 1954. Somehow the WWPCM site added "No. 52" to that title, but I don't know the origin of that addition. The number isn't found on the box.

So, before the deck will be on its way to Switzerland....... ENJOY!


All the Aces are plain, maker's name is on the 10 of hearts.



The deck consists of 32 cards.