February 2022


February was a busy month and went by fast. And the fact that it's the shortest month didn't help either. So the last 2 days were spent on finding a deck for this spot.

I won a rare deck, of which the joker is shown as Joker of the Month. I thought I show it here on this site, but now I'm not so sure any more. Anyway, it's one from the stock now.



It's a modern deck again, but with an old theme: the different parts of the world are presented in the suits and joker. The deck was printed and published by Perceval from Paris, France, in 1953. This was the provided information that we got. I haven't been able to find confirmation for the date nor am I sure if Perceval has actually printed this deck. With the used card, the fine cut and gilded corners, it rather looks and feels like the product of one of the major manufacturers. Grimaud, Boéchat Frères or Héron or ??

The deck is titled "Les Cinq Parties Du Monde", which can be translated as The Five Parts of the World. There are only 4 suits, so the fifth part must be represented by the joker. 
Anyway, it's a colourful, attractive and not often seen deck, so.......... ENJOY!


Spades represent Africa,
Hearts represent Europe.

 The Aces are plain. On the Ace of Spades the name of the publisher is printed.


Asia is represented in the Clubs suit.
It looks like the King, Queen and Jack represent respectively China, India and Japan.

The Americas are represented in the Diamonds suit.
Here too a difference is made between the King (North American Indian) and the South American Jack.

The deck consists of 52 cards and 2 identical jokers.
The joker probably represents the Caribbean or Polynesian islands.

Our deck came single in the original, solid carton double box.