The Stone


I acquired this lithographic stone in a trade with a Dutch collector. It's the third stone of the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland that I have now.


This lithographic stone was probably used as a sample stone to try out certain designs. It was probably last used in August 1922 (see the date of the note).

But the stone must have already been in use at a much earlier date. The Ace of Spades here below was never found in any of the early Good Luck decks, although the company is presented as NSF (in entwined letters) in the 2 logo's. Officially the NSF went bankrupt in May 1912.



The "little devil" joker is also the earliest known joker by SN. Another design of this joker was removed from the stone, only the caption "DE JOKER" remains.


A backdesign with the first  SN logo.

The playing card production of SN was moved to the Haarlemmer Houttuinen address in 1914.


The announcement was accompanied by the second factory logo.