February 2021


Since 2019 February is a month with ups and downs. This year the lockdown and curfew didn't really help. But I managed to keep the Lockdown series going on FB.

I bought only a few decks this month. Two are still on their way and one has arrived. It's a double deck by Dior and it has been added to the Decks with a Fragrance xpo.

Because I want to avoid showing decks twice on this website, I had to choose another deck for this spot. I also had to find a deck for today in my Lockdown series on Facebook. When I came across this deck, I saw a way to do both. I have 2 versions of this deck and I will show one here and one in the Lockdown series.

The deck was printed by the Valsts Papiru Spiestuve un Naudas Kaltuve from Riga and published in Latvia as "Spelu Kartis No. 5" since 1923. Designed by Stefans Bercs. Taxes on playing cards were by law donated to the Latvian Red Cross between 1922 and 1941 and on the ace of hearts a red cross was stamped and/or printed. The ace of hearts in this deck here, doesn't have the Red Cross on it, so this dates the deck as after 1941. 
The deck in the Lockdown series on Facebook does have a red cross tax stamp and dates from around 1930. At the end of the Lockdown series, all the decks will be shown in a new xpo on the DXPO site. Both decks were printed in offset.
Heroic jacks and lovely queens in local costumes, with the odd swastika on a collar. One of the kings has a garment with a swastika design too. However, this is an old Latvian symbol (also in other countries and cultures) and has nothing to do with the later use of this symbol by a certain A.H. Also see the Latvian Deck of the Month in January 2012.



The name of the printer is on the ace of hearts.



The deck consists of 52 cards and a joker.