September 2018



This month we had to wait until the last day to see which deck would be presented here. The IPCS convention in Leinfelden, Germany, was held from September 28 - 30 and on the last day there was still an auction and trading session.

It was a pleasure to see our friends from all over the world again, especially for Miriam. Unfortunately her condition got worse towards the end of the convention. But Joop did get some nice decks at the auction and trading session.

We should mention the "Heeres Karte" by Lattmann from 1915. A WW I themed deck that Joop won at the auction and it was a serious competitor for this spot. Another serious competitor was the "Vaterländische Spielkarte", also a WW I themed deck by Lattmann, won on eBay. However, we chose this deck because we really like the fine, detailed illustrations and soft coloring. We bought it from Klaus-Jurgen Schultz at the last trading session. It's a 32 cards version of the "Deutsche Spielkarte", illustrated by Ludwig Burger. The deck was originally published by T.O. Weigel around 1885, but this deck here is a later version, printed in fine chromolithography and published by Schneider & Co from Altenburg around 1895. It's such an exact copy that it's probable that Schneider & Co had obtained the original stones. The name of the designer is on the Deuce (ace) of Acorns, the name of the manufacturer is on the Deuce of Bells.

The deck has German suits and indices (König, Ober, Unter). Each suit is dedicated to a certain group or topic. The Leaves show hunting people and scenes, the Hearts are (of course) related to courtly love and musical and earthly pleasures, while the Acorns represent knighthood and combat. The Bells seem to show working people from different professions on the pip cards. The Ober is a merchant and the Unter a farmhand. Their king is the only king who is drawn in a contemplating pose. His job is probably the hardest: keeping a country prosperous and it's inhabitants content.