The deck was published as a "Skat" deck, so the pip cards only run from 7 to 10.
The 10's all have an encouragement: "be diligent", "be smart", "be loyal", "be strong".
They seem to address different social groups and the small illustrations on the 10's, 9's and 8's
support the nature of the suit.

The "be diligent" is apparently meant for farmers and craftsmen.


The sun flower suit seems to represent commerce and trading, in which being smart is a good quality.
With references to geography and geometry, an owl as symbol of wisdom, the Ivy suit clearly represents science and art.

"Be strong" is good advise for soldiers and the king, whose regalia are on the 8 of acorns.

The little cherubs, with or without wings, also confirm the nature of their suit.
They are either enjoying the products of the land or playing with money, wearing a Hermes hat or pondering the issues of life and death as a true philosopher.
Only in the Acorn suit the cherub seems to be Cupid. Maybe a mixed message: make love, not war?