July 2008


This month it was an easy choice again, due to the very limited number of new decks. There were only 3 decks to choose between. 

We haven't been able to spend much time to go card hunting this month. Neither on Ebay or the internet, nor at flea markets or antique shops. Most of our spare time was spend on installing a new pc, getting all the programs and data installed and...... getting the old hardware to communicate with the new operating system. Much time was spend on the latter and still Vista refused to be on speaking terms with our old HP scanner, no matter how many drivers and patches were downloaded. So, in order to show you a new deck of the month, a new HP scanner had to be bought. Viva Vista!

We had been in touch with Peter Wood, an artist from the UK, earlier this year and had ordered a deck from him at that time (see the Art&Cards section). This month we came across a nice deck on Ebay with one of  Miriam's favorite topics....cats! When we read in the item description, that the deck had been designed by Peter Wood, we decided to contact Peter again to get a signed copy.

The deck is titled "Pips-N-Paws" and was published in 2007 by Newt's Playing Cards from the US. The deck was printed in China.

Needless to say that there's an image of a cat on each card in this semi-transformation deck. Just like in some other decks by Peter Wood, he has hidden pips in the design of each card, making it fun to discover all of them in this "Seek-N-Find, Normal Deck of Cards". It's not the first time that Peter uses this gimmick. Although there's no price to win, it still is a challenge to find the pips. And it's also a perfect way for the artist to ensure that his audience takes a good look at his designs.



The deck consists of 52 cards, 3 jokers and 1 wild card, advertising other decks by the same publisher.