June 2008


Another good month for new decks! As we couldn't attend the meeting at the National Playing Card Museum in Turnhout in the beginning of the month, we had to turn to other sources. Of course there's always Ebay, but we also received the new Cartorama catalogue and as usual the offer was overwhelming again. We have also been in touch with two female artists, who have both send us a special signed deck, and a shipment from China arrived with newly published, but old-fashioned drawn pin-up decks. So this month a good number of new decks could be added to our collection again. However, the downside of all this presents itself at the end of the month, when we have to choose the new "Deck of the Month". It was a difficult choice, because there were so many different topics and styles to choose from, but here it is............

The deck was printed by Roland Dubroca from Paris in December 1977. It was published by Les Amis Du Nouveau Commerce as a double deck and comes with a booklet with 4 articles about the history of playing cards. The first hundred copies were numbered.

The designs of the courts, aces and joker were painted by Suzanne Barta. In the booklet there's also a short article "Pourquoi j'ai peint des cartes jouer" (Why I have painted playing cards) by Suzanne, in which she explains her designs and choice in colors, in French though. Her signature is on the jokers.

Each deck consists of 52 cards and 2 jokers. The cards have gold corners.