February 2008


This month was a rather slow month in terms of new decks. Although there was the BEJC meeting in the beginning of the month, this time Joop came home with only two decks (?!). Both were b/w pin-up decks: a variation of the "Proverbs" deck by Philibert (1957) and the British "Can-Can" deck (1960's). Both are not often seen anymore, so they were in the race for this spot. Medio February we bought a very nice drawn Dutch "Sinterklaas" deck, that would have qualified itself immediately, if "Sinterklaas" day had not been on the 5th of December.

But just before the end of the month a package from Tao Liu from Shanghai reached us and one of the decks inside was this deck with b/w "glamour" photo's from the 1940's.  Although the deck dates from last year and can probably be acquired easily on the internet, we chose this deck as our new "Deck of the Month". In our view this deck presents the photographic equivalent of the drawn pin-up decks from the 1950's, both in pose as in setting. There's no nudity, but rather a representation of the seductive "femme fatale".
Photographic pin-up decks from the 1950's tend to show more flesh, starting with breasts and (retouched and rendered sexless) croins.

We haven't seen any original  photographic decks from this era, neither in our playing card books nor on screen, so we gladly present this deck here as a sort of delayed "missing link". The photo's were probably taken from American magazines from the 1940's.



The deck was printed and published by the Shanghai Sarui Inc. as "The World War II Glamour girls" in 2007.
The deck consists of 52 cards and 2 jokers.

The backdesign is titled "Versatile Virgin".