The illustration above refers to a scene from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1865) by Lewis Caroll.


In this section we'll show the decks from our collection that are about authors and/or their literary work. We'll start with 3 decks and will enter new decks in the coming months. There will be a growing list of authors here below and by clicking the author his deck(s) will be shown, together with a short biography of the author. Some of the shown decks would have qualified for the "Art&Cards" xpo's too, as they were illustrated or designed by artists, well worth showing there.
But in this section it is about literature. So what better book to start this xpo with than one, in which the author has brought playing cards to life and given them an active role in his tale...........

Lewis Caroll William Shakespeare Oscar Wilde

last update: 1/3/2008