A first edition of 30 decks as a tribute to the CBGB club in New York was published on November 9, 2023. Although the CBGB stands for Country, BlueGrass and Blues, soon after it's opening in December 1973 the club became a center for a more hardcore sound and not long after for punk music. There's a long list of famous musicians and bands who have played there in their early days and in this deck 12 of them are highlighted. They did their gigs there, roughly between 1975 and the early 80's and their names can be found on the extra joker.
Once again the deck was printed by MPC from the US on their finest quality M31 stock.

The deck has nonstandard suits: Pentacles, Hearts, Skulls and Fire. By the way that MPC gathers and packs their cards it can be deduced that the pentacles may be seen as spades, the skulls as clubs and the fire as diamonds. The courts are photo collages in b/w with a brownish support colour. They show the front men and women of bands that must have influenced the young Leo.


Joey Ramone
(the Ramones)
Joan Jet
(the Runaways)
Sid McCray
(Bad Brains)


Paul Weller
(the Jam)
Poison Ivy
(the Cramps)
(the Police)



Iggy Pop Patti Smith
(the Patti Smith Group)
Johnny Thunders
(the Heartbreakers)


David Byrne
(Talking Heads)
Debbie Harry
Tom Verlaine