In his description Leo mentions the influence of the Rixdorfer deck, but as far as I can see that only applies to the solid black and red borders around the b/w designs. The Rixdorfer deck was designed by 4 different artists from the Werkstatte Rixdorfer Drucke in Berlin and published around 1968. In a much later edition from around 1987 the borders were left out.
In his design Leo places the indices and suit signs in the borders, making space for a large suit sign next to the design. Kings and queens have a crown and the jacks...... a horse.

Cats have always been a part of our household and I've seen that at least one of them is also part of the Scherfig family household. So I can appreciate the photo collages. In the title the placing of the exclamation mark is a bit odd, but in my interpretation it reflects our reaction to the result of their clumsiness in some situations. They knock things over or land on your keyboard and the list goes on..... Damn ! Fools.

However, the designs show the good life that these cats enjoy.



Shaped and placed like a stamp the Ace of Spades has Leo's Latin signature phrase.
The other aces show one-liners about knowledge and knowing around designs of mice.



In this deck the 6's are reserved for Leo's signature Moon design and again the 4 of Diamonds for the special design,
here a one-liner with a fish, with which you can or cannot agree. I think that knowledge usually brings more questions.

But hey.... don't you love these jokers?