What is it with sex and food? 

The Uusi Studio from Chicago apparently had a hotcake in her oven for a while before sharing their youngest with the rest of the world in August 2014. It's their fifth in a planned nest of six. Hotcake.... our dictionary just gave it as a synonym for griddlecake (whatever that may be) or pancake, but even if your native language isn't English the designs immediately make it clear who the real hotcakes are here.

And to top them off.......
colors like sweet candy.

The courts show a slightly erotic version of the antique single imaged Anglo-American pattern. The idea is not new, it was used for similar patterned decks by Elaine Lewis, although these hand-colored decks were published in very small editions of 40 or 50 decks. But the designs by Linnea and Peter have their own interpretation and style. The artists have created five decks thus far and each was based on a unique topic/idea and was done in a different technique. Here Peter and Linnea have used good old markers to color their designs with. The problem with markers is that it's hard to create an equally colored field in one tone. The larger the field is, the more difficult it becomes. It's visible in the large suit signs and some colored parts of the designs.

However, at the same time
that's also the charm of this technique.

The erotic content of the courts is mostly suggested by shapes and is never explicit of vulgar. Nipple-gate, but nothing more than a little hot air. 
A special treat are the eyes of these courts, they are the icing on the facial expressions cake. They can be seductive and charming, but also show despair or alertness. 

Playful cherubs flock the aces.........

According to the artists the 2 naughty ones are there to give the Ace of Spades that same saucy attitude as the courts. 
We're always grateful when the artists remember to sign the Ace of Spades for us. It's becoming quite a sub-collection!


According to their "artist statement" on Kickstarter the designs and their colors are inspired by the curved shapes of Emilio Gucci. 
Another influence that they mention is that of the Belgian artist Albert Pry, but his technique is by far not as sophisticated and divers as that of Linnea and Peter.

In the Diamonds suit the key and the chastity belt tell a story, but the eyes of each player say it all.
On the jokers Linnea and Peter introduce their "courting Cock" and his "bashful Hen".


Of course the diptych is there, ever since Linnea and Peter have thought up this clever use for the two extra cards in their Royal Optik deck for the first time.
Here with 2 cherubs, definitely a male and female one (our two artists perhaps), fooling around with the flowers and the birds and the b... oh no, it's a butterfly.


Decks are available with a red and a black based back design. They come in a red box, which reads "first edition" and a black box, saying "limited edition".


It's not clear here how many decks were in the limited edition and how many in the first edition, but there are still decks available at
And maybe some of these other decks too......