D Xpo  Nintendo Ads

The Nintendo Playing Cards Co. from Kyoto, Japan, has a standard joker that depicts a mer-man -I can't find any mermaid features- holding a small flag with the letter N (for Nintendo) in one hand and blowing on a straight horn with the other. The word "joker"can be found placed vertical as well as horizontal. On some jokers the name of the manufacturer is mentioned too.
The design itself can be found in a tilted position, where the flagpole leans to the right or in a horizontal position, where the flagpole stands up straight.


Many of these jokers were added to advertising decks and show the advertised company on the joker too. Here below some examples with a textual advertisement.



General Electric                     Kent House                          Onward      


     ?                        Japan Asia Airways                       JCC  


Philippine Airways                    Tunibra        


Nishizawa                            Miwa      

All the previous jokers had the flag with an "N" on it, but the flag has also been used to show the logo or name of the company that ordered the advertising deck.........


MC                                    Opel                                  ?


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 last update: 1/04/2006