A small porcelain tray by the Dutch factory of P. Regout from Maastricht, made ca. 1900. On the bottom it has the makers name and the word "KAART" (card).

A pot with lid, made by a French company, that  went out of business in the 1950's. We were told that the factory has produced a few other pots with a (fantasy) playing card design.



A saucer, found at a London antique market, during our stay there for the IPCS Convention 2003. It's marked "Adam Turnstall England estd 1657". I don't think it's that old, but guess it to be from ca. 1900.

 Here below are two pictures of a very nice Russian coffee set, made in the 1990's.

A teapot with Alice in Wonderland characters. The sprout is hardly visible in this picture, but it's black and shaped like a Spade. The handle is in the shape of an open Heart. Made in the US, 2002/2003.



A small bronze statue of a joker. No maker or origin known. We found it during the collectors fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht in 1999.

A very sexy female joker statue, made of a sort of plastic, from Germany, late 1990's.


A lithographic stone with two back designs. Unknown which manufacturer has used this stone, we haven't found a deck with one of these backs yet.

A nice card press, but with an unusual feature: the suit symbols of both the French and German system are on the top

A Dutch box for playing cards, probably made not long after WW II, with the Dutch lion emblem.

A Russian Matryoshka or Babushka set with a playing card theme.

A nice Dutch trump indicator, that holds 4 small cups as well. All is decorated in the so-called Hindelopen style.

A French candle holder, probably from c 1900.


Two miniature perfume bottles by Gaultier with a playing card theme, with a fragrance for women and men.