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Due to a serious health issue, I have had to make some serious decisions too. One of them is that I've decided to sell most of our playing cards collection. Only the decks and related items by the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland and a few other selected decks will not be for sale. For now the Joker collection will not be for sale either.
So this means that as off September 28 you can browse through the site and when you see one or more interesting decks, you can make me a fair offer by email. Same goes for the items from the Ephemera section.
I'll process the emails in order of arrival and accept or reject the offers. In case of similar offers the earliest wins.
On this site only a fifth of the complete collection is shown. I will put up other decks for sale here and on Ebay (id: jopo!) during the coming months.


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    last update: 1/1/2022

All Dxpo designs 1998 - 2022

1/1: a new Deck of the Month (December 2021). Index page available there now too.
1/1: a new Joker of the Month.

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***** Due to the COVID-19 virus most planned events for the next months have been cancelled! With a few EXCEPTIONS.... see our AGENDA. *****

A unique Dutch transformation deck, published for the first time since about 200 years.

A limited and numbered edition of 150 decks only.  It can be ordered here at 25.00 + shipping. More INFO.



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