NL-001: Printed by Druk BV Arnhem and published by the Coop of the ABTB in 1957. Repeated series of 3 designs on the courts of each suit. Complete with 52 cards, 2 (identical) jokers and 2 bridgescore cards, in very good+ condition. Comes in the original box, which is in very good- condition.
40  SOLD



NL-002: "GW", printer and publisher unknown, 1946. Title was given after the signature on the joker. On offer is the original double box with 2 complete decks, 4 bridge score notes and 4 score tables. One deck (blue backs) is still sealed and the other (red backs) in unplayed, near mint condition. Both are complete with 52 cards and the rare joker. Courts seem to have surface damage, but it's the poor printing. The box shows how scarce paper and carton still were after WWII.
RARE to find the complete double box.
85  SOLD
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