ITA-001: "Giochi di Corte" (Court cards), reprint by Modiano of the original deck by Cambissa, 2005. Desinged by Vito Thummel (signature: Timmel). Complete with 52 cards, 2 jokers and extra card, all in unplayed, near mint condition. Comes in the original box, which is in excellent condition.
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ITA-002: "Carte per Signora", printed in fine chromolithography by Armanino and published around 1900. Inspired by Dondorf's Patience Nr 27 "Cartes pour Dames". Complete with 52 cards, in excellent- condition, gold corners still shining. No box.
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ITA-006: "Tuscany pattern, queens without crowns", printed and published by Attilio Baragioli from Florence around 1875. Only the version with crowned queens is produced. Complete with 40 cards, in much used condition. Comes in a plastic box. RARE!
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