Of course you can still browse through the complete site and make me an offer for the decks that interest you,
but on these pages here I offer decks for sale at a fixed price. They can be ordered by contacting me here.
Countries with new entries will be marked with a
, which will remain there for 3 days.
So if your last visit was more than 3 days go, check out all the countries. Maybe some new offers can be found.
To be sure that you have the latest version, refresh the index frame and visited pages regularly.

The decks can be found per country of manufacturer (or publisher, if the manufacturer is unknown). Of each deck a few or all cards will be shown, the condition of the cards and box, if present, will be described and the price given in euro. There's no charge for packaging materials, but there will be shipping costs. However, combined shipping is possible. For shipping costs see the table below. Price is in euro.
Payment can be made by transfer to my bank account or through Paypal, preferably as friend. Decks will be send within 3 working days after receipt of payment.

Rates per 1/1/2023


PACKAGE < 2000 gr.
T&T, insured
up to 50
EUR 1 10.50 Registered
T&T, insured
up to 100
EUR 1 14.50
EUR 2 14.00 EUR 2 21.00
ROW 21.00 ROW 28.00
T&T, insured
up to 500
EUR 1 17.00 Registered
T&T, insured
up to 500
EUR 1 17.00
EUR 2 23.50 EUR 2 23.50
ROW 30.50 ROW 30.50
EUR 1 9.00 EUR 1 12.00
T&T, no insurance EUR 2 10.50 T&T, no insurance EUR 2 18.50
ROW 12.50 ROW 25.50

EUR 1: Austria, Belgium, Denmark (- Faeroe Islands and Greenland), France (+ Corsica and Monaco), Germany, Italy (- San Marino and Vatican City), Luxemburg, Spain (- Canary Islands, + Balearic Islands), Sweden.

EUR 2: all other countries in Europe, excl. Russia.  ROW = Rest Of World.


SOLD decks can be seen here, same layout but pages are marked with a red S.