TV-appearance at Omroep MAX, 11/1/2012


"4 minutes of fame"

Joop had placed a wanted ad for playing cards and other material of the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland on Marktplaats, the Dutch auction site. There was no reaction at all, but after a few weeks we got a call from Omroep MAX: if we were interested to repeat the call on television and maybe tell something about our collection in a morning show called "KoffieMax". Joop gladly accepted the invitation and thus got his whole 4 minutes of fame on national television. Miriam came along and watched from backstage.

The interview was not prepared and hostess Myrna Goosens could ask whatever she wanted, so Joop had to explain how you come to get a collection of some 4000 decks, tell something about the earliest cards in Europe and about the cards that Myrna had picked randomly from the decks that we had taken along. As all this had to take place within these 4 minutes, it's a miracle that he also managed to get a line in about the playing card museum site.

The whole broadcasting experience was new to us, but very pleasant. We were received with drinks and sandwiches and the enthousiasm of program editors, gofers and hostess was catching. It was fun to see how things go in and around the studio. Although his appearance hasn't brought any useful reactions yet, Joop wouldn't have wanted to miss it!