That is what Ali Jerremalm must have thought when he looked at his shed. Ali is a longtime Swedish collector of playing cards and the museum is one way of showing some highlights of his vast collection. He is a leading member of the Chartophilia Sueciae, the Swedish Playing Card Society, and editor/publisher of Kartofilen, their magazine. In 2011 he conceived a collector's guide to "Playing Cards from the Nordic Countries" (until c1950), which was printed by Offason and published during the IPCS Convention in Malmö in September of that year. And now he created his own playing card museum...... in his backyard!

Underneath an absolutely amazing roof, decorated with hundreds of different backs, he shows decks and objects, presently from the Art Deco period.

Nicely displayed in several showcases you'll not only find playing cards, but also pottery, glassware and other items with playing cards on them.

Here below are a few examples of what you will find, but for a good overall impression in a 360 degrees view click HERE.
The background music is performed from musical pieces found on antique playing cards.

The museum can be visited by appointment only. Contact Ali by email: ajerremalm@hotmail.com

And when you're really interested in playing cards, ask Ali if he would show you his "archive".
It's not as nicely organized as the museum, but contains a wealth of decks and other items.
And..... Ali has a story to tell about most of them.